5 Tips To Get Your SEO Marketing Right Today!

SEO is very complex but we can focus on some key features that every beginner should know. To understand it better, SEO refers to search engine optimisation. What we mean by this and how we can write SEO type? To promote a website, the website should appear in the search engine, and not just anywhere but as high as possible. For that we need to create a content rich in keywords. Keywords must represent more detailed the main purpose of your activity that you would like to promote. It’s a game of words, so we can understand better.


It has to be as rich as possible. Elaborate in detail the activity that you want to promote. Use as many keywords as possible to describe your business and try to write a text that can be understood by all. Do not exaggerate and focus it towards the main activity. While ample, yet don’t stray from the subject.

Provide Answers

Try to see it as a set of questions and the reply must lead to you. If you sell a pen you must highlight the qualities. If you think SEO try to answer all sorts of questions about the pen that you want to sell. Why people should buy this pen? Why you? When you manage to answer as many questions as you can, the search engine is your friend. Offer as many interesting things as you can as well. Don’tbe just a boring book. If you’re going to offer as many details as you can, again you’ll answer a lot of questions.

Be Unique

If you write the same content as other sites, or if you arrange the words in page after other pages, you might get lost in the crowd. You have to realize that the information that already exists is no longer interesting. That means you don’t bring anything new. You’re just repeating what others have said before. Bring a plus, something rare to find in your field. Elaborate the idea in a unique way and is more likely that your page will be interesting.

Know Your Customers

Know with who you’re speaking out there. Follow all kinds of reviews in the field in which you operate, seeking to eliminate all that is negative if you have these disadvantages yourself. When you speak with someone and you’re informed, you can solve any future situation by preventing it. And that what it’s all about when writing SEO. You have solutions already incorporated in the text and customers should know about it. When they type something you reply with your content, so you know them already.

Ranking Is Your Main Goal

As we’ve seen before, it’s all about how you get on the first searches. So beside the keywords that describe your activity, products or services, you also need to know the new trend. So every time that something new appears out there, you should be the first to know it. If you’re dealing with sports for example, and a major event is about to start, write as many topics as you can about it, give new information about the teams. So go with the flow and stay popular!